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Fighting Spyware

The company nextdoor has 2 PC's. Only one is connected to the Internet, and this is the Big Bad Internet.

For some reason, they put this computer full with spyware. This computer is so overloaded with spyware that it does not function at all anymore. It is impossible to start any program. So that's where I should kick in.

My computer's at work and at home don't have any spyware problem. Why, I don't know but I think I know why:

Now back to the fight.

First thing, was trying to install an anti-virus and anti-spyware application. But this computer was so terribly slow, this was impossible.

The I tried to install from safe-mode (using the magic F8 during boot). But then you cannot install anything.

Then the Big Bad Internet came to the rescue:

So after 2 weeks (!!!) this PC was back to a state where it was stable to install software.

First thing the user did was to install some virus that disable the anti-virus software.

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