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Gert .Net
Autoclose and Autoshrink
When you notice that Enterprise Manager is getting slow (very slow) when opening the list of databases on a server, you should probably turn of AUTOCLOSE and AUTOSHRINK.

Here is a script that helps you in doing just that.

declare dbCursor cursor  for select name from sysdatabases
open dbCursor

declare @name as varchar(50)

fetch next from dbCursor into @name

while @@fetch_status = 0
print @name
exec sp_dboption @name, 'autoclose', 'false'
exec sp_dboption @name, 'autoshrink', 'false'

fetch next from dbCursor into @name


close dbCursor
deallocate dbCursor

This is faster because all databases will be left mounted. If AutoClose is true, a lot of databases will have to be mounted in order to construct the list.
Do you know, that in The Netherlands computer programs have been send over the normal radio channels.

You should tape them with a cassette-recorder, and then you could read them into your home-computer.

More information: http://www.xs4all.nl/~lennartb/basicode.html
New Fonts in Vista
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Rare jongens die Hollanders
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