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Gert .Net
Hands on how to configure the Microsoft MSDE - Database
Nice article about configuring the MSDE setup. And some tips for its maintenance.

The Code Project - Hands on how to configure the Microsoft MSDE - Database
Oracle and the world
Yesterday I have had two terrible installations, using Oracle as the database server.

One thing I should remember:

When the connection fails, just add a .world extension to the TNSname in both the TnsNames.Ora and the connection string. Specially if all the others names in the TNSNames file also have this extension.

See also: Oracle connection string
Floating point arithmetic
A nice article on CodeProject, About why you should be carefull using calculations using floating points, and how errors in these calculations are created and propagated.

Floating point arithmetic

Also some good comments on INF and NAN.
The rijksregisternummer again
This is a rijksregisternummer (Belgium) that I use for test persons:
It will pass the normal test I have published previously.

Or you can use the example numbers from the kruispuntbank:
These contain real date's, so they could belong to a real person.
Postcode in Belgium
Online query of Belgium postcode. You can even download a CSV postcode table.


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