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Gert .Net
NT Backup
Scheduled backup (to tape !!!!) failed for a while. After a quick Google I found the /um switch. Undocumented by Microsoft.

But here is a good (kind of) complete reference:
NT Backup

Find the first available media, format it, and use for the current backup.
Use with the /p switch to scan for available media pools.
This option is documented for Windows 2000 only.
This command is only for standalone tape devices (not tape loaders.)
The /UM switch must be at the end of the command line.
Detect if the current process is in a Terminal Services Client
Finally a real code example:

Use this code to detect if the process "If the calling process is associated with a Terminal Services client session".


private static extern int GetSystemMetrics(int valor);
private const int SM_REMOTESESSION = 0x1000;
public static bool IsInTerminalServicesClient() {
return GetSystemMetrics(SM_REMOTESESSION) != 0;

You call IsInTerminalServicesClient() to determine if you are in a Terminal Services session. You can use this to reduce graphic input, or allow multiple instances of the application etc.

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