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Debian Linux Under Attack by Hackers
Ok, so this week a hacker broke into the Debian servers. It took me 5 days to find out. If something like this happened to MS, the evening news would open with this item. Since this does not happen, MS is considered more insecure as Linux.

A nice quote from : Ian Murdoch, chairman of Progeny Linux Systems Inc. and founder of Debian:

This kind of attack is inevitable in open source

Debian Linux Under Attack by Hackers
Changed appearance of my BLOG
I just created a new style for code: lets see if this works:

class myFirstPublicClass {

public myFirstPublicClass() {
// Do Nothing;

Got this one from MPO's website:
Toilet Etiquette

You should also check out MPO (= Marc Portier)'s blog. It's all about Marc and his cocoon. (WTF is cocoon?).
Belgian .NET User Group
Today, I watched this video during my lunch break. Shows some goodies from Longhorn by Don Box. Don Box is always good for a few laughs.

MSDN TV: Lap Around Longhorn
My first post. How can I remove this ?

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